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Grading Categories / Web Design Assignment Lists / 2016 Curriculum

Website 45% Assessments 10% Practical Skills 35% Blog and Work Maturity 10% Total 100%

M1: 40% + M2: 40% + Exam: 20% = Trimester Grade

Grading Category Descriptions

Website (45%) – Students will be responsible for creating/redesigning a contest-themed website. NEW VERSION: Website Rubric 2016_TC.

OLD VERSIONS: Survival Rubric_TC, Wish Rubric_TC.

Assessments (15%) – Students will be assessed in both assignments and classroom activities or projects.

Practical Skills (30%) – Students will be given very little homework in the class. It is not fair to expect every student to purchase all of the programs they have access to in class. However, students will be required to complete in-class tutorials/assignments. Students are assessed on their ability to use the programs they have learned in class. Students are also assessed on the aesthetics of their work. This is a judgment decision by the instructor and careful consideration is given based on abilities.  A mini-rubric will be given for all exercises. All pictures must be original for Photoshop lessons. Students will lose 5 points off their score for using Mrs. Candela’s pile of pictures.

Weebly Blog/Journals and Work Maturity (10%) – Students will create, maintain, and are expected to update a personal blog. One of the primary objectives of the technology department is to teach students excellent work habits. These skills are essential in our everyday lives and in the workforce. Surprise warm-ups/journals are included in this category.

Final Exam (Essay and Presentation):  Your final exam will be a thorough written reflection of your themed/community website + presentation.  Another discussion point topic?  Let me know!  I have one.  Share how a specific classmate inspired you, helped you, made you eager to continue learning. FE Part I Web Design Essay. FE Part II Web Design Presentation Rubric.

You will outline, from beginning to end, the results of your work using the NETS standards located here within your personal narrative. Web Design Final Exam Essay Example CJ. Rebecca_Essay_ExampleMCWT Presentation Guidelines. Web Design Index and Credit Content Examples.

Your blog must follow these guidelines:

  • I will not use any curse words or inappropriate language.
  • I will not use fighting words or provoke anyone.
  • I will avoid the use of chat language.
  • I will try to spell everything correctly.
  • I will only give constructive criticism.
  • I will only use my first name, and those of my classmates.
  • I will not plagiarize.

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