Social Media Creation

As you know, one of my job responsibilities is to update our high school social media channels.  I am always looking for new material and I know I can count on you to assist me.  Please complete ONE graphic by the end of each week and post to your blog by Monday morning. 5 points per QUALITY graphic.


Login with and bethetigger.

MAKE A COPY of a graphic.

  • STUDENT QUOTE: Ask a student to share something.  Take a picture of said student and with quote.
  • TAKE CARE:  Find a quote you love online.  Illustrate the words with a Shorian picture.
  • THINGS TO LOVE ABOUT LAKE SHORE:  Come up with a category and take four HIGH QUALITY, CREATIVE Shorian pictures that illustrate it.
  • SENIORS:  Message to Underclassmen, Life Advice, Society Says, My Favorite Lake Shore Memory. LIST: Class of 2017

Finished?  Post to your blog. These are due EVERY Monday morning as your warm-up/bell work.  I am so excited to use them within my updates.

graphic kevin-d kevind