Since sixth grade, when dialup Internet became a novelty, I simultaneously became a computer geek. Countless hours have been spent using search engines to locate information, communicating on Internet Relay Chat, and navigating rivers and fighting off thieves on the Oregocandelan Trail. Fast-forward to today where I am reading hundreds of online articles per week, networking with people across the globe on Twitter and Facebook, and using a slingshot to fling animals into various structures in Angry Birds. The types of activities that have preoccupied me have adjusted little. The real change has been the access time. Thank God for high-speed Internet. After taking several computer classes in high school, I decided that a career as a business teacher would be the perfect fit.  For me, the clicks of fingers pressing the letters on a keyboard are as soothing as a  robin’s song.  My home [row] would not just be a location on that keyboard;  It would be my destiny to serve in a tech-filled classroom.

As an alumnus of Central Michigan University, I have many reasons to be proud of my education.  In December 2005 I graduated cum laude with a major in Business Teacher Education, minor in English, and vocational certification in business services.   I have always enjoyed school. Graduating college in three and a half years made for some crazy schedules. Now that I am a National Board Certified business teacher at Lake Shore High School with master’s degree in Educational Technology, I have a newfound understanding of the word exhausted. Nevertheless, I love what I do. Currently, I teach web design courses and I am responsible for helping teachers integrate technology at the secondary level.

I am a lifelong learner.  I recognize the advantages of attendance at conferences and use that knowledge to enhance the classroom.  Because of my thorough knowledge of the business and technology fields, I also presented at the Building Learning Communities Boston Conference, Teach to Lead National Board Certification Conference, Technology Student ShowcaseOakland University’s Summer SummitMichigan Digital Learning ConferenceMathematics, Science, and Technology SymposiumMACULMBEA, MCWTMicrosoft’s Innovative Education Forum, and Edcamp Detroit conferences.  These experiences have enabled me to network with other educators, increase my confidence and communication skills, and build on my own lessons. My remind badgegoal in this ever-important profession is to push my students beyond their academic and social limits and prepare them for a life full of opportunity.  I have been a class advisor, pride chair, and technology club advisor at Lake Shore.  I have also coached basketball in Grosse Pointe.  Because of my joy for writing, I have written articles for local, state, and national magazines including ISTE, MACUL, MCWT’s blog.  In addition, I am a regular columnist for Microsoft’s blog titled, “What’s Fresh.” Undoubtedly, I am in my dream profession and every decision that I have made has been with my students’ best interests in mind. I love technology, teaching, and touching lives.  It is not enough to write that I love my career. Teaching is such a noble profession and I cherish every minute of it.

Feel free to learn more about me by visiting my linkedin pageclassroom blog, or by contacting me on Twitter, @bethetigger.  You may also view Lake Shore’s social media pages, which I created, maintain, and update, by clicking on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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