Week 9: Upload Live and Multimedia Creation

We will go live with our websites!  Do not worry.  Things will not work properly.  There will still need to be updates and changes.  That’s okay!  I just want to show you how to use our FTP as your entire website must be completed by Monday, November 14.

Adding multimedia to your pages is also important.  We will be embedding a slideshow, creating an imagemap, and doing something else that adds pop.  These pieces are invitations to view the pages with a smile.

After alum Ally and Deb reviewed your websites, they gave their top three awards to Grace H., Mackenzie and Angela, and Samantha and Hunter, in no particular order.  Their favorite concept was from Caylee and Makenzie.

What does this mean?  Absolutely NOTHING!  You have time to still work on your pages.  Make changes.  Increase the quality.  These are just opinions.  I know you are working hard.  THANK YOU for everything!


Week 8: Tables

Tables are not just for eating on, silly.  We will learn the ins and outs of creating them during this week.  They can be quite intense so be sure to take quality notes!

Review your index page.  Does it meet all of the necessary requirements?


Week 7: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Conferences will take place this Thursday, October 20.  It is a half day, too!  Encourage your parent to use our online booking system at https://lshsshorian.youcanbook.me/.  As you will notice, I am not listed as I will be in Seattle at a technology conference.  However, I would love to touch base with your family.  Please have them email me at tcandela@lsps.org with any questions or concerns.

You will be completing your rollovers and skipping to Page 5.  No due dates for pages anytime soon.  Breathe.


Week 6: Finish that Index Page

Your index.html page is due on Thursday at the beginning of class.  Deadlines are terrible.  Keep that rubric handy so you know exactly what I will be looking for as I sit down and grade next to you.  We will finish our graphics, place them on our website, and change minor details to create the perfect first page.



Week 5: CSS and Rendering Graphics

We are back to normal.  Well, as typical as a high school schedule can be.  Our Index pages will be due next week.  Obviously, they are coming along, but still need a lot of work.  We will be placing our rendered graphics on our sites which include the logo/banner and navigation.  Remember, if you need extra time, I always try to keep my room open during lunch.

Advanced students, you have the coolest opportunities this week as you will visit Seek Momentum (9-12) and Apple (11-12:30).  This also means you will be losing two in-class work days.  I know it can be a struggle, but keep up with the pace.  You have mastered it before, and I know after this course, you can conquer anything.




Week 4: Graphics, Index, and Field Trip

We’re going on a field trip this week!  Woo hoo!  And it is Homecoming Week!  And and… okay, I don’t have anything else.  I’m just so excited to spend some extra time with you.  Plus we will assemble our graphics and index pages this week. Productivity is in much demand and I am counting on all of you to make it happen.


kylie cha2


Week 2: Liftoff

ADVANCED ONLY: The district website is getting an overhaul. COMPLETELY REDONE. Choose between Almond Fudge, Jazz, or Macintosh as a layout here: http://www.schoolmessenger.com/template-library/. Which one do you prefer? Why? Use 5-7 sentences to explain. Your feedback is important. Post to your blog with a screenshot, link to your fave, and rationale. INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT. This is due by the end of the hour on Friday, September 15.

I am very impressed by all of you.  The respect in class, the creativity in your ideas, the willingness to learn have left a permanent smile on my face.

This week we will continue to brainstorm on the theme, Love for Pets.  Continue to gather pictures that represent your ideas.  We will be completing our first Photoshop and code lessons so that you may begin seeing how a website comes together.

Congratulations on surviving Week 1.  🙂


Week 1: Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year!

Hello Shorians!

I am excited to have you on board.  Any fun summer memories?  I taught two Web Design camps at Wayne State and Wayne County Community College.  In addition, I facilitated an online summer school program called Odysseyware.  Luckily, I had some quality time with my two children who make me smile everyday.


Check out this calendar for important dates, click on your perspective class tab, and let me know if you have any questions.

September 6 First day for students – Half day for students
November 8 No school
November 23 Half day for students & teachers before holiday
November 24-25 Thanksgiving Recess – no school
December 22-January 3 No school – Holiday Recess
January 16 No school
February 17-20 No School – Winter Break
April 3-7 No School – Spring Break
April 14 No School
May 26 Half day before holiday
May 29 No School – Memorial Day
June 15 Last day of school – half day students


Within your Weebly blog, answer the following within ONE post:

  • 1) JOURNAL:  Past themes: Time Capsule, Genie in a Bottle, Survival, Ancestors, Repurposing, and Food.
  • Rate them 1-6.  Why is your top choice the best? Explain using 3-5 sentences.
  • 2) JOURNAL: Pick a theme for next year.  What would it be?  Explain what contestants would have to do (for their three middle pages).  Why would it appeal to the mass audience?  If you were to complete this theme, what are your initial thoughts for creation? Explain using 7-10 sentences.
  • 3) JOURNAL FEEDBACK HELP: Check out your essay (and website).  Look at my feedback.  What could you have added (or subtracted) to tighten it?  WHY? Explain using 5-7 sentences.

Finished?  You are welcome to try out another Hour of Code game or practice for your presentation tomorrow.