Week 3 Update: September 15-19

Are you taking before, during, and after shots of your repurposed items?  By the end of this month, you should finish repurposing your three items.  Take pictures from every angle.  Go crazy!  Your themes are fantastic.  If you are still struggling with an idea, please talk to your family, friends, and of course, approach me.

Week 2 Update: September 8-12

Thank you for a wonderful start to learning!  Have you decided on a theme for your website?  What would you like to repurpose?  Figure this out as soon as possible.  This will be extremely important as we progress through assignments together.

Remember to tell your parents about Meet the Teacher night on Wednesday from 6:30-8:00.  This will be an opportunity for me to share our class goals with your family!

Week 1 Update: September 2-5

Okay, popsicles aren’t that tasty, swimming just creates bad hair dos, and the sun causes unsightly tan lines.  You know you’re excited to return to Lake Shore.  Positives > Negatives.  I am so excited to be back and I am certain we will have a wonderful school year.   🙂


Created by Gina Dongfang