Welcome to Camp Infinity!

Camp Infinity Logo 2013

Web Design at Wayne County Community College

  • Day 1 Agenda:
    • Day 1 Survey
    • Introduction to Candela, Web Design, and the Contest
    • Themes
    • Post Comment:  Using 3-5 sentences to explain, which past contest theme would you have liked to compete in?  Why?
    • Gmail Accounts for Google Drive Saving
    • Web Design Overview
    • Two Pages:  Practice Autobiography Page + Choice Page
    • Introduction to Notepad++ and Basic Coding
    • Please complete this in preparation for your practice page: Letter of Introduction and an avatar.
    • http://doppelme.com/ – Create one doppelme character, and then right-click and save.
    • Homework:  Brainstorm picture ideas for your Choice Page
  • Day 2 Agenda:
    • Post Comment:  Using 3-5 sentences, check out the 2015 winners, find a site that you really enjoyed, share the webmaster name(s), and a specific feature you found interesting or eye catching.
    • Finish your Autobiography content.
    • Review: Skeleton of a website, title bar, background options.
    • Begin our Autobiography Page together.
    • Homework: Bring in a selfie picture and pictures for your Choice Page.
  • Day 3 Agenda:
    • Post Comment:  Using 3-5 sentences, tell me one positive and one negative about web design/programming.  It could be a personal strength and weakness or your summative thoughts about this career path.
    • Finalize Autobiography Page together
    • Review: Container, fonts, hyperlinks, and pictures.
    • Banner + Button website resources
    • Begin your Choice Page using our model example.   You will need all of the elements from your Autobiography and more (that I will teach you later).
    • Create a slideshow/photostory or photo collage together to add depth and overall appeal in PowerPoint/PicMonkey and upload using the Google Drive.
    • Embed a YouTube video about your topic.  Yes, it may be unoriginal.
    • Homework: Bring in 5 pictures (or more) related to your Choice Page. Answer the questions:  Who, What, When, Where, Why with these photos.
  • Day 4 Agenda:
    • Post Comment:  Using 3-5 sentences, share why you selected your choice page topic.
    • Work on your Choice Page. Follow all of our guidelines from the previous 3 days.
  • Day 5 Agenda:
    • Day 5 Survey
    • Finalize your website.  You will show this off to your parents and friends.  Perfect it.


Within your Weebly blog, answer the following within ONE post:

  • 1) JOURNAL:  Past themes: Time Capsule, Genie in a Bottle, Survival, Ancestors, Repurposing, and Food.
  • Rate them 1-6.  Why is your top choice the best? Explain using 3-5 sentences.
  • 2) JOURNAL: Pick a theme for next year.  What would it be?  Explain what contestants would have to do (for their three middle pages).  Why would it appeal to the mass audience?  If you were to complete this theme, what are your initial thoughts for creation? Explain using 7-10 sentences.
  • 3) JOURNAL FEEDBACK HELP: Check out your essay (and website).  Look at my feedback.  What could you have added (or subtracted) to tighten it?  WHY? Explain using 5-7 sentences.

Finished?  You are welcome to try out another Hour of Code game or practice for your presentation tomorrow.



We will be finishing our CSS lessons this week and completing a quiz on all three lessons.  You will rock these out!

Once completed, we will discuss and deliver presentations based on our websites.

We will be presenting our websites in-class.  Beginners (FRIDAY and TUESDAY), you will have 2-3 minutes to deliver a watered-down version of your website. ONE DISCUSSION POINT from pages 1, 2, 3, 4, NET.

Don’t forget to share a handout or visual with the audience.



After you leave this class, you may be asked to create a poster, announcement, or card, in graphic form, for another class.  Without Photoshop access, you may struggle to be creative.  But, with Canva, you can make artsy things with ease.  With three days, you will be asked to create four graphics.  No problem!  Hopefully, this website and tutorial(s) will aid you when you need something accomplished graphically, but do not have access to high-quality software like Photoshop.



For your final exam, you will write a reflection essay on the web design process to use as a script for your presentation.

Seniors, you will write a reflective essay as your final exam DUE WEDNESDAY.  Good luck to you as you plan your future and reach your goals!

Underclassman, your essay will be due on WEDNESDAY as well and you will deliver your presentation during final exam week (to be discussed later).  You are stuck with me for a bit longer.  Muhehahaha!

Mrs. Candela’s Tips:

1) Begin and end strong!

Madison’s opening lines in her introduction: Opening up a blank document is a daunting task no matter what the reason behind it is. Whether writing an essay or plotting a short story or coding a website, that bright white screen can seem like a dragon and can make you feel like an ill-equipped knight. This blinding white screen left me with this feeling in my chest, and it refused to leave even after I changed the style settings in Notepad++. But eventually, I gathered my courage and prepared to make a website.

2) Be specific.  Drip with details.  Explain the process. Overdo it.

My font is something that I picked for my website very early; I wanted something very minimalistic that did not take away from the website itself.

Which font?  Name, please.  System versus Google? How does it tie to your site’s theme and overall approach? Sans versus Sans serif.

3) Advanced, you literally want to point out everything!

Layout, headings, favicon, multimedia, fonts, colors, social media…everything on that home page.

4) Don’t say “really cute” or “amazing” without extreme description.

I felt the same about my social media icon, I think that it is really cute and I really enjoy the fact that it went with my theme so well that I could act as if the earth was the bird’s egg.

How did it go so well?  What about the bird’s egg?  Huh?

5) Make decisions.

Going from having a partner last year to now working as an individual is a totally different experience. Doing everything on your own is a lot harder than diving up the work evenly between two people. Being alone you get to choose when and how everything is going to get done, so you have to manage your time wisely. This outcome was a lot more rewarding because of the fact that you go through the tutorials and watch the videos, but do not know how it will actually come out until we do it ourselves. I did enjoy being independent and watching eve thing by myself, but I do like how interactive the intro class is. I think meeting somewhere in the middle will benefit both sides.

Don’t be wishy-washy.  If you liked something, say it.  If you didn’t, explain your rationale and how it could be better.  Which method of creation, partnership or individual, did you enjoy the most?  Explain.

6) Define, define, define.

After I made it I then went to go look at in on my website and saw some spots were not erased thoroughly enough. I then went back on the computer and proceeded to erase them, but instead of re saving my file to the web, I saved it as a Png.

What is a .png?  How is that file type different than other picture types?  In what situation would you use it?  Be nerdy here.

7) Stay positive.

I love how my website turned out, despite my favicon not working and my image on my first page not showing up, I worked very hard on my website and am very proud of myself and how the finished product looked.

Don’t focus on what didn’t work.  Don’t point out your flaws.  Instead, focus on the positives and only address negatives if they lead to learning experiences/growth.

8) Reread your blog entries.  They have such great “stuff” that you are welcomed, and encouraged, to throw into your speech.


WEEK 9: PAGES 2, 3, 4 DUE

Your website, as a whole, will be due on Friday, May 20 at the beginning of the hour.

Download the grading rubric, if needed, here: Website Rubric 2016_TC.

Did you complete your…

  • section headings and dividers?
  • imagemap (2 hyperlinked parts)?
  • original wrapped pictures?
  • content requirements?
  • multimedia pieces (video+slideshow)?
  • scroll to the top button?
  • manual cursor changes?




Pages with just content are ick, puke, die.  I mean, they are U-G-L-Y.  This is why we will be adding multimedia to our pages.  A slideshow, video, or even collage can attract visitors.  Begin thinking about how you will able able to illustrate your words with them.

Have you completed your wishes yet?  You must have pictures in order to accomplish this.



We will be resizing and putting our logo and navigation buttons on the website.  All basic coding for the index page will be completed as well.  This is the final week to complete your first page as it is due on Friday.

Attend to those grades in your other classes as well.  This marking period ends on Friday!