Week 9 Update: October 27-31

We will be completing our repurpose pages (2, 3, 4) this week!  ADVANCED PAGES ARE DUE THIS MONDAY!  INTRO PAGES ARE DUE NEXT WEDNESDAY! Your step pictures must be taken by now!  Revise the content, plop it on your pages, and make them look uniform and design-saavy!  We will be moving on to page 5 requirements soon.  The due date for your website is November 12!  The website upload process will take place THIS WEDNESDAY!

Happy Halloween.  My son and daughter will be Mickey and Minnie!  Pictures will be posted. 🙂


Week 8 Update: October 20-24

Parent/Teacher Conferences are on Thursday!  Yikes!  This will be a wonderful opportunity for me to show off your website so be prepared.  I am proud of all of the deadlines you have met and work you have put into your sites so far.  Did you get those step-by-step pictures accomplished?  I cannot wait to see your final results.  Don’t forget to replace your background with an original photo if you can think of one that fits.  Read and reread your content to check for spelling and grammar errors on all pages.  I make them.  You make them.  Just like Pokemon, you’ve gotta catch ’em all.  Otherwise, those judges will penalize you.  *hugs*  You are doing great!


Week 7 Update: October 13-17

Advanced Students:  Permission slips for our October 24 Apple field trip are due this week!  Get them in immediately and get those video clips created.  We want to use them for our iMovies.  If you need to borrow a video camera and tape within school hours, let me know.  I will arrange this!

Yay!  Our index pages are done.  This is the largest, most time-consuming part of the class.  We will be writing our main content for the next three pages, gathering before and after pictures of the step-by-step repurpose process, and placing these items on our pages in a professional, creative way.  You must begin the repurpose process NOW.  What are you waiting for?

Week 6 Update: October 5-9

This is your final week of the marking period.  How many times have you worked on your programming components at home using Notepad++?  How many times have you came before school to use my lab or during lunch/after school to use the lab in the library to work on Photoshop?  If your response is zero, you should question the quality of your work.  This could be one of the best pieces of work that you have ever accomplished at Lake Shore.  Give it your all.  Continue to be critical of your work.  Ask questions.  Your deadline for your index page is FRIDAY for ADVANCED students and MONDAY for BEGINNER students.  Do not procrastinate!



Week 5 Update: September 29-October 3

Homecoming week is here!  Yay!  Please participate in all of the social media and spirit day activities.  You will get a returned point on our last logo/icons assignment for every social media activity that you participate (up to full credit).  Prove it on your phone by visiting me between classes or at lunch in my office!  You must be in the spirit pictures that you take! I hope your layout and graphics are coming along nicely.  Don’t forget to begin the actual repurpose process with your items.  You have two weeks to get your index pages done!  🙂


Week 4 Update: September 22-26

In preparation for next week’s homecoming events, I am offering a few extra credit opportunities.  OPTION 1:  Draw a new logo for Facebook or Twitter related to Lake Shore.  Shorian?  Sailboat?  LS?  Size it correctly using this link!  OPTION 2: Take a cover Lake Shore spirit photo.  Size it correctly using this link!  It must be a high quality, #awesome cover.

Impressive quiz scores!  Remember, you must have your website concept in mind by now and begin repurposing and taking photos immediately!  The contest deadline, November 12, will be here before you have the chance to high five a ninja! 🙂

Homecoming Flyer_2014 / Homecoming Contests

Week 3 Update: September 15-19

Are you taking before, during, and after shots of your repurposed items?  By the end of this month, you should finish repurposing your three items.  Take pictures from every angle.  Go crazy!  Your themes are fantastic.  If you are still struggling with an idea, please talk to your family, friends, and of course, approach me.

Week 2 Update: September 8-12

Thank you for a wonderful start to learning!  Have you decided on a theme for your website?  What would you like to repurpose?  Figure this out as soon as possible.  This will be extremely important as we progress through assignments together.

Remember to tell your parents about Meet the Teacher night on Wednesday from 6:30-8:00.  This will be an opportunity for me to share our class goals with your family!

Week 1 Update: September 2-5

Okay, popsicles aren’t that tasty, swimming just creates bad hair dos, and the sun causes unsightly tan lines.  You know you’re excited to return to Lake Shore.  Positives > Negatives.  I am so excited to be back and I am certain we will have a wonderful school year.   🙂


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